On "The Sting of Existence" and Some Poems From Autumn
"What the Bird Knows" / a prose poemWatch now (6 min) | a poem of mine in the new book DAWN SONGS: A Birdwatcher's Field Guide to the Poetics of Migration, edited by Jamie K. Reaser and J…
Wayfaring Poet Profiles: Chia Tao & Su DongpoListen now (46 min) | Two Wayfaring poets deeply influenced by Nature, Tao, and Chan (Zen)

December 2022

New Year's Eve Reflections, Announcements, and Wayfaring Readings
First Day of the December Waxing Crescent 2022 / Listen Time: 3:53
The Verses of a Few of the Old Wayfarers Reflecting Upon Cold Nights
To All the Ways In Which You Branch Outward and Inward
Three documentaries featuring Zen soul-healer Ittetsu Nemoto Sensei
Wayfaring Poet Profile: Bai JuyiListen now (40 min) | Bai Juyi (772-846 CE) - one of the pristine examples of Nature + Meditation + Art = Wayfaring
Dick Allen (1939-2017), a Western man of the Way...in his own way

November 2022

A Welcome, Core Themes, and What's Coming Up
10th Anniversary issue of The Wayfarer, Book Releases, Poet's Dreamingbody Chat