Aug 1 • 57M

Episode 1: "The Journey Begins..."

An Introductory Extended Transmission from The Poet's Dreamingbody

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Frank Inzan Owen (隠山)
A 'dreaming-while-awake' journey exploring poetry, deeper reality, the inner life, Nature connection, contemplative practice, and some of the "practice-hints" offered to us by Wayfaring poets of old.
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Every day is a journey,
and the journey itself is home.
Matsuo Bashō(1644-1694)

In this debut episode, I talk about my background, some early dreams and memories, aspects of my journey of creativity and spirituality, and the influence that the Japanese sage-poet Matsuo Bashō has had on my path. I also talk about my late teacher, Darion Kuma Gracen, along with the concepts of “art fathers and mothers,” the dreambody/dreamingbody, and the lineage stream of Wayfaring poets.

(Listening Time: 57:25)


The Poet’s Dreamingbody Theme Song: Roy Mattson / MESMER / Mesmerized

Other albums featured in Episode 1: “The Journey Begins…” (used with permission from the artists)

Robert Rich / Echo of Small Things

Roy Mattson / Tone, Timbre, & Texture

Roy Mattson / In the Wind

Louigi Verona / In the Last Beams of Sundown

Louigi Verona / The Great Void

Roy Mattson / Melancholy Moon

Louigi Verona / Evening Chirping Community

Byron Metcalf (featuring Erik Wollo and Peter Phippen / Inner Meditations II


Man and His Symbols, edited by C.G. Jung

The I Ching, Richard Wilhelm translation

Painting Peace: Art in a Time of Global Crisis, Kazuaki Tanahashi

This Very Moment: Teaching, Thinking, Dancing, Barbara Dilley

Working with the Dreambody, Arnold Mindell

Narrow Road to the Interior and Other Writings, Sam Hamill

Keywords: Matsuo Basho, dreambody, dreamingbody, C.G. Jung, Zen, ancestors, Wayfaring, Daoism, Shinto, Shingon, Buddhism, Rudolf Otto, the numinous, dreams, haiku, haibun, Taiji, left-facing swastika, I Ching, Synchronicity, Shunryu Suzuki, D.T. Suzuki, Tao Te Ching, poetry, Naropa University, Shugendo, Dharma art, Kazuaki Tanahashi, Morihei Ueshiba, Stonehouse, Cold Mountain, Rengetsu, Santoka, Ryokan, Ikkyu, yamabushi, Saigyo, Barbara Dilley, art fathers and mothers, Arnold and Amy Mindell, Process-Oriented Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Juan Ramon Jimenez, Narrow Road to the Interior and Other Writings, Sam Hamill,