Aug 6 • 27M

Episode 4: Midlife & Avatamsaka Reflections + Poetry Reading

Sojourns, Shared Journeying, and Our Interconnectedness

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Frank Inzan Owen (隠山)
A 'dreaming-while-awake' journey exploring poetry, deeper reality, the inner life, Nature connection, contemplative practice, and some of the "practice-hints" offered to us by Wayfaring poets of old.
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In this final podcast episode for the inaugural week of The Poet’s Dreamingbody, I use the morning of my own date of birth to reflect upon the themes of midlife, sojourns, and — drawing inspiration from the imagery within a particular sutra my late teacher often taught from (the Avatamsaka, or Flower Garland, Sutra) — I contemplate our interconnectedness and shared journeying through these windswept times of challenge and change. I then share a few poems from two of my books of poetry, all of which explore “disconnection” and “interconnectedness” in one way or another.

note: The final poem read in the broadcast, entitled “The Old Code of Good Travelers,” makes reference to the topic of “depression.” Just for clarity’s sake, the depression referred to within the poem is not to be confused with biologically-based depression or clinical depression, but rather is in reference to those challenging states of heart-mind that are a normal part of the artistic and spiritual path (sometimes referred to as “spiritual emergency,” a term coined by Stanislav Grof in his work around “spiritual emergence.”).


Flora and Fauna / “Arboreal Bodies” / Roy Mattson

Vi An Compilation / “Forest” / Vi An

Tactile Ground / “The Sentience of Touch” / Robert Rich

In the Wind / “Aeolian Zephyr” / Roy Mattson

Filaments / “Lanaikea” / Robert Rich


Stirrup of the Sun & Moon

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