Dec 11, 2022Liked by Frank Inzan Owen

Dear Frank,

I am especially thankful for this posting , the timing of it is profound for me and may be of great assistance to a Japanese friend of mine.

I have been concerned as she has been out of sight for many weeks and although she does respond briefly to my texts, up until a few days ago she has not been willing to see me. Just today she reached out to see if we could meet soon.

A younger mutual Chinese friend says that she sees her at yoga class sometimes and she is ok- just going through something.

I haven’t felt so sure, so I keep reaching out and just a few minutes ago I sent her your posting.

Now we have some common ground as I too have felt the emergence of some old pain and despair arising in these beautiful bright days and increasing moon and darkness.

So grateful to you, old friend.

Right on target.

All love no end,


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