Apr 30 • 31M

The Soul of Japanese Wayfaring Poetry

Where the Mindful-Heart Blends With Great Nature

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Frank Inzan Owen
an exploration of Wayfaring, ancient and modern
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red wooden arch near lake during daytime
Photo by Syuhei Inoue

In this podcast episode of The Poet’s Dreamingbody, I explore three Shinto concepts that are at the root of Japanese spirituality and poetry: tama (soul, spiritual presence), kokoro (heart, heart-mind, or translated as “mindful-heart” by scholar Thomas Kasulis, author of Shinto: The Way Home), and kotodama (“word-soul”, “word-spirit”, or the spiritual presence within words) — a term that influences not only the wide array of expressions of Shinto spirituality but also Shingon Buddhism and the formation of the martial art of Aikido.


“Kokoro” / from Tenkawa: Pilgrimage of the Sacred Sound 1 by Hiroki Okano

Forest Yearning / Bronwyn Kirkpatrick

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