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I am going to listen to it again!

But the one poem that resonated with me today was Fudo:One

Can these poems be purchased?

Sister Kitty

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Wondrous. Thank you so much. These three draw me in particularly today:

“Fudō: Two”

They always focus on my sword

and fail to see my halo of flowers.



Mindfulness…is what you say ‘no’ to.

Heartfulness…is what you say ‘yes’ to.


“Inner Ecology”

Don’t rush.

Don’t burn through too quickly.

The Way is a slow-simmering tea-fire

not a bonfire for a funeral.

Though there may be aspects within you

that are dying, or even rotting and fermenting

as old un-met griefs are apt to do

the great breathing wind

of staying with the flow

“off-gasses” what needs to go

and brings in fresh seeds

for tomorrow’s planting.

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This is wonderful, and miigwech for the poem, my friend!

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Thank you - a wonderful way to close the day.

And I always like to say...Imperfect practice is the way forward. (not that you have to move forward..)

To the simmering, and silence-keeping.

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