Jun 30 • 53M

Wayfaring Poet Profile: Ikkyū Sōjun

cultural catalyst - renegade Zen hermit-poet - sex-loving monk

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Frank Inzan Owen
an exploration of Wayfaring, ancient and modern
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In this episode of The Poet’s Dreamingbody, we explore the iconoclastic Wayfarer Ikkyū Sōjun (1394-1491), a.k.a. “Crazy Cloud”


Zen Radicals, Rebels, and Reformers, by Perle Besserman and Manfred Steger

Zen Masters: A Maverick, a Master of Masters, and a Wandering Poet (Profiles of Ikkyu, Hakuin, Ryokan), by John Stevens

Unraveling Zen’s Red Thread: Ikkyu’s Controversial Way, by Dr. Jon Carter Covell and Abbot Sobin Yamada

Wild Ways: Zen Poems of Ikkyu, translated by John Stevens

Wind in the Pines: Classic Writings of The Way of Tea As A Buddhist Path, by Dennis Hirota


The Eagle and the Ocean / Riley Lee

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