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Wayfaring Poet Profiles: Chia Tao & Su Dongpo

Two Wayfaring poets deeply influenced by Nature, Tao, and Chan (Zen)

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Frank Inzan Owen
A 'dreaming-while-awake' journey exploring poetry, deeper reality, the inner life, Nature connection, contemplative practice, and some of the "practice-hints" offered to us by Wayfaring poets of old.
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“The Chinese poet Su Dongpo”, from the series A True Mirror of Chinese and Japanese Poetry, artist: Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)

In this episode of The Poet’s Dreamingbody, we explore two Wayfaring poets who span the bridge between two Chinese dynasties - the mid-to-late T’ang and the Song: Chia Tao, sometimes rendered Jia Dao (779-843) and Su Shi (1037-1101) whose Wayfaring art name is rendered as both Tung-p’o and Dongpo (translation: “Eastern Slope”).


The Clouds Should Know Me By Now: Buddhist Poet Monks of China, edited by Red Pine and Mike O’Connor

Mountain Home: The Wilderness Poetry of Ancient China, translated by David Hinton

Treasury of the True Dharma Eye: Zen Master Dogen’s Shobo Genzo, edited by Kazuaki Tanahashi

Selected Poems of Su Tung-p’o, translated by Burton Watson


Lixue Lin-Siedler, Guzheng: Traditional Chinese Music

Robert Rich, Neurogenesis

Roy Mattson, Tone, Timbre & Texture

Bronwyn Kirkpatrick, TSUKI

Forrest Fang, Gongland

Louigi Verona, Evening Chirping Community

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