Feb 19 • 40M

Wayfaring Poet Profiles: Women Wayfaring Poets of China

40-minute listen with haunting flute excerpts by Peter Phippen's new album, Ghosts (Projekt Records)

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A 'dreaming-while-awake' journey exploring poetry, deeper reality, the inner life, Nature connection, contemplative practice, and some of the "practice-hints" offered to us by Wayfaring poets of old.
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薛涛 Xue Tao (770-832), a.k.a. Hongdu

Greetings Good Travelers and Wayfarers: In this month’s transmission of The Poet’s Dreamingbody Podcast, I explore *some* of the renowned women Wayfaring poets of China.

Note: Apologies in advance for any mispronunciations of Chinese names. I’m much more accustomed to Japanese. Deep Peace, Frank Inzan Owen (Hidden Mountain)


Ghosts / Peter Phippen / Projekt Records


Jade Mirror: Women Poets of China, edited by Michael Farman, White Pine Press

Yin Mountain: Immortal Poetry of Three Daoist Women Peter Levitt/Rebecca Nie

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